Manhattan Beach Case Study

Manhattan Beach
Case Study

1,600 pounds
No Metal Reinforcement
All Organicrete®
Designed by Sparano + Mooney Architects
Located on 18th St. Manhattan Beach, CA.

DSCF6056 copy.jpg

Elegant + Functional

Beginning plans in 2014, Modern Craftsman was contacted by Sparano + Mooney Architecture to construct the Manhattan Beach "Loop" bench. It was meticulously crafted to ensure the architects designs were met and exceeded.  

Manhattan Bench

Reusable molding

The Organicrete® Loop was created using a reusable molding. It weights 1,600 pounds, has the dimensions of 2' x 9', and has no metal reinforcement. We're proud to have worked with Sparano + Mooney Architecture and with the molding, we are able to create additional benches if requested. 


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